Veterinary Surgical Services

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About Veterinary Surgical Services

Meet Dr. ParksA TREND
Over the recent years, there has been a trend in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery towards specialization, much to the benefit of both clients and patients.  Intensive care, comprehensive service, advanced procedures and equipment once reserved for the university setting have now been extended to large 24-hour emergency facilities and specialty practices, offering the highest level of care for companion animals.

Client awareness of the most up-to-date services offered by these institutions has increased demand for a higher level of veterinary care.  The challenge for the local veterinarian is how to offer their clients similar service and level of care that these larger facilities now provide.  For the larger hospital, the challenge is how to offer expert specialist care, while minimizing the cost of personnel trained to provide these services, and  grow a referral base.


Veterinary Surgical Services
 can fill the needs of both challenges mentioned above.  I am able to come to your hospital with state-of-the-art equipment, provide my expertise, minimizing your costs and maximizing your patient care.